Beer, Beer, and More Beer

This is what we do! At Sunshine Discount Beverages we know beer and we love it. We offer kegs for any occasion. With us you get the best stock selection, experience, expertise and THE supplier of the freshest kegs. Multiple deliveries weekly and a strict rotation policy ensure great tasting beer. If we don’t have it in stock we will do our best to try and get it for you. And with delivery options available you can even have the beer delivered to your home.

Keg Customers
There is a $35 deposit on all keg purchases. If you walk out with a keg and take it home and drink even one beer from it we cannot refund you anything.

We recommend running your kegerator at 32°F – 38°F. Over 40°F will produce foam. Less than 32° can freeze your beer.

​Pressure for your regulator should be about 6 lbs. If it comes out slow then increase slowly. Starting low and going up as needed is easier than the other way around.